The world has evolved into a fast paced environment where everyone is busy minding their own business. Online businesses all produce the similar product, but claim that they are the fastest growing leaders in their industry while often neglecting customer service. Our approach has always been different. 


BeUNIQ is an interactive company. Annually, we attend 47 trade shows across North America to satisfy customers by giving them the ability to print their own custom cases with images that are meaningful to them. One question our customers always asked was: "Why do you guys not have a website?" and our answer has always been: "Because we want to interact with our customers." We were so wrong.


Therefore, BeUNIQ has decided to take a step further, but still wanted to keep the interactive aspect of our company as our core concept. We have made a website where you can truly learn about us and our product, while easily connecting with our employees to enhance your online orders.


Everything from BeUNIQ is made in Toronto and we have thousands of returning customers. Our products are not just custom cases, but where your imagination comes alive. We live in the age of technology, where our electronic devices have become such a huge part of our lives. So why not give them a UNIQ twist by personalizing them with something that represents you. BeUNIQ.

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